Index of Technical Articles


Flow vs. Pressure  - Explanation of why flow, in terms of mass or volume per unit time, is much more important and relevant than boost pressure.

Spike vs. Creep  - Comparison of the causes and effects of boost creep and boost spike.

Compressor Efficiency - Explanation of why compressor efficiency does not make nearly as much of a difference as people think, and comparison of turbo sizes.

Piggyback Tuning Guide - Guide to using a piggyback fuel computer.  This was written specifically for the DSM, but still contains good information.

Air Metering - General paper on the different types of air metering systems, how they work, and the pros and cons of each.

DSM MBC Install - Quick how-to for manual boost controller install on a DSM.

How a SAFC Works - More in-depth explanation of how a SAFC actually works, why it works, and what effects it has on the car.

Engine Limitations - Tech article discussing what really limits the output of a performance motor.