Vacuum Switch Valve (PCV) delete - 02/03/09
Factory Pro Jet Kit - 02/03/09
D&D full exhaust - 02/04/09
Muzzy aluminum radiator fan
Corbin seat

Ongoing Maintenance

October 2013:

I finally got around to wanting to fix and ride this thing.  Over the winter of 2012, something failed allowing the entire contents of the fuel tank to drain into the crankcase. When I drained the oil, it was literally pressurized and nearly 10 quarts of fluid came out.

I replaced all of the rubber fuel shut off valve and related gaskets and tried tuning it briefly, but got frustrated and took it to Moon’s Super Cycle in Milwaukee, WI on a recommendation.

I was expecting an easy no frills $400 dyno session to dial it in.  Boy I was wrong. 

One cylinder was down to 90psi.  They did a valve adjustment and put in fresh spark plugs. Then they determined the fuel pump was dying out under load.  They replaced the fuel pump and spent a few days repairing it and getting it right.

The factory jets are 130’s and the factory pro kit I bought came with 135s and 137’s.  Well they were way off and the end jets were 118’s.


So the dyno numbers below were with the original 135/137 jets AFTER all the repairs were made.  The 10hp gain came with the correct jetting. 

The bike felt amazing and pulled great.  It never ran this well even when I bought it.  Shout out to Greg Moon.  Great guy and he knows his stuff.