4G63 Turbo Swap Information

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1990 to 1991-94 Tachometer information

You need Mirage Turbo mounts to complete the 4G63 swap. 1.5L manual and automatic vehicles share some of the same mounts.  Make sure your part numbers match up with Mirage Turbo.

89 Mirage 1.6L Turbo
Rear metal MD113497
rear rubber MB436675
front metal MD119742
front rubber MB436670

89 Mirage 1.5L auto
Rear metal    MD113496
Rear Rubber MB436676
Front metal   MD119742
Front rubber  MB436671

89 Mirage 1.5L 5-speed
Rear metal    MD113496
Rear rubber  MB436675
Front metal   MD119742
Front rubber MB436670