This small space is dedicated to my other hobby - Yamaha Jetskis.  No, not the lame waverunners that you sit down on and mindlessly go in circles, go wide open, shut it down, and go wide open again.

Those get very boring after 10 minutes.


The one above is my 1994 Yamaha FX-1.  There were only around 1500 ever made in 1994 and 1995.  It was the fastest production machine out of the box.  It was designed to compete with the Kawasaki JS500 as far as hull design and being lightweight.  It used the legendary 701 motor from the 1995+ Yamaha Superjet.  So sticking with my theme of power to weight, this one was a no brainer.  It is light and easy to toss around and do tricks.  The only downfall is that the pump and inlet is small which limits low end kick, but allows for great top end.

I drove to Caledonia, MI to pick this one up in June 2012.  I paid a lot for it, but the graphics, paint, and engine bay were mint.  This was a low mileage machine. 

Jet Dynamics intake grate
Jet Dynamics ride plate
Ocean Pro steering nozzle (modified to fit FX1)
Skat Trak Swirl 20/26 impeller (Had a Solas 19/24 before)
MSD CDI ignition enhancer
Lightened oem flywheel
ProTec girdled head kit and head with 185psi domes
Factory Bpipe with true FX1 chamber
Blowsion lowered pole bracket
Blowsion steering system and 4 degree bars


The above is my 1990 Yamaha Superjet.  These came with a mild 650 motor up until around 1995 when they switched to the 701 motor.  These were pigs compared to the FX1, but much more stable.  Almost everyone likes and uses this platform to make race and freestyle skis.  This one is stock for now. I use it to let noobs try out jetskiing. They last about 1 minute and give up to ride my Waverunner.