I’ve been piecing together JDM (Japan) Evolution III body parts since the Summer of 2008.  I finally located all of the pieces and have a complete kit as of January 2009.  I located the pieces on ebay and through several members of a 4G (1993-1996) Mirage forum.  The following pieces are what I collected.

-Evo II aluminum hood
-Evo III spoiler
-UK spec EVO III rear fog lights
-Evo III side skirts
-Evo III fenders
-Evo III headlights, indicators, and fender lights

hoodinsm hoodoutsm

The OEM hood has heat extractors on the bottom to funnel hot exhaust manifold and radiator heat out of the engine bay.  It also has an intake vent to suck cool air into the engine. (Vents not shown) I retained the JDM emissions labels for the authentic look.  The underside of the hood was painted to look like it just left the factory. 


The side skirts complete the look of the car, matching the front bumper with the rear bumper. 


Front and rear evo bumpers.  The rear bumper also came with the side “aprons”, which extend the side skirt ground effects to the rear bumper.  I haven’t found a front bumper splitter yet, which is a small spoiler that mounts to the bottom of the bumper.  The front bumper license plate mount was shaved for a smooth look.


Genuine Evo III spoiler.  From the factory it is a 5-piece spoiler.  When I had it repainted, the bottom three pieces were molded into one piece for a cleaner look.


I found some ultra-rare evo III rear fog lights.  These go in place of the standard ‘Mirage/evo’ reflectors.  My car came with basic black pieces of plastic which truly shows the bare bones finish of the Mirage.  The Mirage trunk already has the indentations for the evo III spoiler and fog lights so you know exactly where to cut or drill.  Remember, the Mirage and Evo body are the exact same thing.  Unfortunately we never got the top of the line evolution model with a 4G63 motor, 2.0L turbocharged, and all wheel drive.  But that’s another story :) 

ukrearfogsm ukrearfog2sm

Here is the hood, fender, side skirt, headlights and corner lights mocked up on the car.  I will probably have the doors repainted to better match the kit.  The wheels will be powdercoated gloss white.


Side by side of a US fender and JDM fender.  Similar, but the JDM fender has more “flare”

fenderssm fenders2sm

2/10/09 - Mounted the side skirts, fenders, got a set of 195/60/14 Hankook Ventus R-S2 mounted on the rims, and spent a good 14 hours sanding and coating the rims.  I think they look ridiculously good.