08/29/2006 - Resurrection


So I was able to unload the entire engine out of the back of a Sienna by dragging, sliding, and stacking up a bunch of tires.  I was also able to get the entire thing onto an engine stand alone. 

a.) lay engine stand on its side with engine attached to it.
b.) use two jacks to lift the entire operation to a 45 degree angle
c.) hold onto the cam gears and muscle the entire thing upright

I degreased it and pulled some stuff off.  It seems as if the front balance shaft is a little seized up so I’m going to have to take the oil pan off regardless and pull the shafts out.   This came out of a 91 Talon AWD


In true DSM madness, I found a local short block.  Hey, you can’t pass up free parts right?  This block came out of a 92 Galant VR4.  Spare engine for when mine blows up?  Use this block instead?  Looks to be in decent shape.  Backup plans are necessary in life.  So now I have two engines!


This takes the balance shaft elimination WAY too far.


I torched the welds  holding the rear balance shaft out, pulled the front balance shaft out, and pulled the front cover off.  I plan on spinning the balance shaft bearings and either using a straight shaft for the oil pump or the stub shaft.  Then I can replace the front cover seals and gaskets, stick a air oil cooler filter housing on and bolt up the pan!