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There will a limited production run of DVD’s.  Your DVD will be personalized to you.  You will receive a unique serial number that can be used for unlimited “tech” support involving the all-wheel drive swap. The DVD is 1 hour and 10 minutes long.

I view all DVD’s prior to shipping on my computer with an AOPEN DVD player and VLC player software

The DVD covers the following:

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-Removal of all 1.5L Mirage rear suspension components and fuel tank
-Design of the custom rear strut and spring extension brackets
-Design of custom front mounting points for the rear subframe
-Design of differential mount including mounting hardware
-Rear brake line modification
-Specifications and design of both driveshaft mounts
-Specifications, measurements, and construction of custom front motor mount, custom rear motor mount, and mounts welded to the engine bay frame
-How to properly align and level the entire engine and transmission with the new motor mounts
-”Swap ruining” Front motor and transmission clearances to avoid
-Loads of technical “how’s and why’s”
-COMPLETE parts list, including custom material and oem parts